Performance and Development Review
Skills Workshops (1 or 2 days)

You can achieve outstanding results, lead winning teams and inspire individuals to high productivity.  These workshops demonstrate how managing performance can enable yourS managers to work smarter, more creatively and with greater customer focus.   It develops the principles and practices which underpin superior performance.  Effective performance and development review skills will ensure that managers get the best out of their people, and deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.  



Performance Coaching Workshops (1 day)

Coaching is a skill aimed at performance improvement and we provide a unique and proven workshop formula that demonstrates how simple it can be for business leaders and managers to coach team members in just a matter of moments and measurably improve business performance on a daily basis.

The RC60™ model we use clearly defines business performance coaching in the workplace and prevents managers mistaking counselling skills for performance coaching. Whilst the workshops can lead to certification by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), our purpose is to support business and management teams to consistently improve their performance and really enjoy the process.



Work-Life Balance Workshops (1 day)

Creating a workplace culture which provides support for everyone to sustain a good work life balance makes economic sense.  It starts with senior managers who should take personal responsibility for workload management, modelling a healthy lifestyle, and coaching their managers to encourage well-being as part of the way of working.    A more satisfied workforce means reduced overheads, lower rates of absenteeism, improved retention and better customer service. 



Stress Management Workshops

Having sound stress management policies and procedures is not only best practice – it is a legal requirement that you have a duty of care for your employees. You can reduce the effects of stress on your workforce, potential litigation and improve productivity, attendance levels, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, retention and talent management, and your reputation as a great place to work. 





Workshop Outline

Performance Review Skills

This course teaches managers how to get the best performance from their direct reports. People are your greatest asset and how they are led and managed directly affects your bottom line. This course delivers a return on your investment of at least five-fold. It is run as a one or two day workshop, and can be customised to use your existing performance appraisal/review processes and materials.



You can expect the following results from your managers who attend this course:

  • Constraints to superior performance are removed
  • Key result areas and key performance indicators are highlighted
  • Competency development needs are addressed
  • Approaches on how to manage good and poor performance are identified
  • Coaching skills on SMART objective setting and CLEAR action planning
  • Increased impact on performance of constructive and timely feedback
  • Understanding of accuracy, fairness, consistency, and reasonableness
  • Improved self confidence in handling performance review meetings
  • Practice in addressing the legal aspects to performance issues


Who should attend?

Line managers, team leaders, and personnel professionals responsible for the assessment, management and improvement in performance of staff members.

Performance Coaching

Details of these workshops will be available soon.

Work-Life Balance

Reduced productivity and efficiency, ineffective decision making, and low creativity and innovation are symptoms of a poor work-life balance. Organisations and individuals can reverse that direction by improving the balance between work time and re-creation time.



You can expect the following results from participants on this workshop:

  • Improved awareness of the costs of poor work-life balance
  • Increased ability to think strategically and prioritise work
  • Personality differences and inherited characteristics recognised as contributing to workplace stress
  • Understanding of behaviour habits which sabotage balance
  • Improved assertive behaviours which achieve better results for everyone
  • Ability to evaluate choices for a healthier work-life balance


Who should attend?

Everyone who recognises that their performance and well-being are adversely affected by
in-balance in their work life and their personal life

Stress Management

People differ in their attitude to, and beliefs about, pressure and stress. Increasingly stress is an organisational issue which adversely affects individual performance. Everyone needs to increase their awareness, balance and control of pressure to reduce the unacceptable effects of stress.



You can expect the following results from participants on this workshop:

  • Increased awareness of how to identify unhealthy stress in self and others
  • Understanding of the differences between good and bad stress
  • Acceptance of the medical risks of stress on the brain and the body
  • Recognition of individual differences in response to pressure
  • Identification of Type A and Type B behaviours in creating stress resilience
  • Individual responsibility for creating well-being in the workplace
  • Top tips on developing vitality and physical & mental fitness for work


Who should attend?

Senior managers responsible for influencing culture in your organisation. Managers, specialists and team members committed to handling pressure in a productive way.